Our Terms and Conditions

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Our Terms and Conditions

This terms & conditions forms part of the quotation.


  1. Please ensure the products on the quotation is exactly specified to your requirements. This includes the type, quantities and colour. We take no responsibility if the client provides his own measurements.
  2. Deposit when AluCape does the installation: A 75% deposit is required before we commence with manufacturing or ordering of material. A further 15% when manufacturing is complete before delivery and 10% on completion of installation.
  3. Deposit when AluCape is only responsible for supplying: 75% deposit before we commence with manufacturing or ordering of material and the balance of 25% before delivery. 
  4. Final measurements will only be taken once the deposit is paid, quotation & terms and conditions are signed.
    5. A quotation will be valid for 21 days from the date on the quote
    6. Any painting, tiling, carpet work and or plaster work are excluded unless specifically quoted for.
    7. Removal of old windows, doors gates & burglar bars are excluded unless specifically quoted for.
  5. Rubble removal of old windows & doors are excluded unless specifically quoted for.
    7. Installation of new products are excluded unless specifically quoted for.
    8. Waterproofing of the structure by way of Membranes are excluded unless specifically quoted for. Waterproofing is to be done by a specialist or the main contractor.
    9. Generators, scaffolding and placement of scaffolding will be billed separately if AluCape does the installation and if needed
    10.We have a lead time of between 14 to 21 working days from the date you accept the quote and pay the deposit. Lead times are subject to availability of the material.
    11. Glazing are strictly in accordance with the minimum requirements from SAGGA, NBR, AMSA and SANS.
  6. We allow for a wind loading of 1000PA
  7. Consequential damage are expressly excluded
  8. AluCape warrants the customer that the products which have been manufactured/ supplied by us will be free from defects
  9. The warranty will be valid for 12 months from the date of delivery

16.The warranty shall be rendered null & void in the event of the following

  • Damage caused by misuse or negligence
  • Modifications, additions or alterations done to the product
  • Damage caused by natural disaster, fire or civil disruption
  • Damage caused by forced entry.
  1. AluCape will not refund any deposits if we have already ordered or manufactured the product
  2. Should you cancel before we have started the process as described in 17 above there will be a 20% penalty imposed and deducted from the refund.
  3. All goods remain the property of AluCape untill fully paid for, whether in storage or installed. 
  4. This document forms part of the quotation

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