Standard Aluminium Window & Door Prices

Our products are only manufactured with Crealco from Wispeco, Eagle products and National Glass. These are the best in Aluminium available in SA. 

Single & Double Hinge Doors
Palace Doors
Patio, Icon & Palace Sliding Doors
White Stacker Door
Vistafold Sracker or Bi Fold Doors
Casement Windows
Top Hung and Side Hung Windows


We only use Crealco products from Wispeco with our own manufacturing. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS!! – Make sure your manufacturer uses only Crealco products.

Crealco Aluminium Extrusions is a brand of Wispeco. We do not use any sub standard products or grey imports in our manufacturing process. Crealco is by far the best Aluminium products available in South Africa and backed by Wispeco which is the largest Aluminium extruder in Africa. 

All Wispeco Aluminium’s Crealco products are type tested by AAAMSA’s (Architectural Aluminium Association of South Africa) SANAS accredited test rig and SAFIERA’s (South African Fenestration, Insulation Energy Rating Association) rotatable guarded hot box for mechanical and energy efficiency performance compliance.


Eagle Aluminium

Eagle Aluminium forms part of the National Glass Distribution product mix which offers an extensive selection of residential and commercial windows, doors, showers and Eco-Fly Screens.
Our registered rounded window sash design, with its attractive soft line profile, combines traditional appeal with a variety of powder coating colours. Eagle Aluminium is also able to supply flat sash to match existing products.


  • Eagle Aluminium prides itself in precision engineering, and therefore is able to supply detailed technical drawings. These drawings enable you to make an informed decision about the product you are going to select for your building.
  • We manufacture our own Double Glazed (SIG units) thereby having complete control over all manufactured glass and aluminium elements in its range and most Eagle Aluminium profiles have the ability to accommodate SIG units.
  • Eagle Aluminium products are available in a wide range of colours. We can match any specified colour in the AkzoNobel powder coated colour chart.
  • All safety glazing in our products is manufactured and tested in accordance to SANS 1263-1 where applicable.
  • Energy Efficiency: Eagle Aluminium’s in-house thermal simulators have developed the Premier Green Safety Range. The range includes our very best performing fenestration products meeting the ever demanding constraints stipulated by local municipalities.

Eagle Aluminium and National Glass does a big portion of our manufacturing. They are undoubtedly the leaders in the industry when it gets to manufacturing

Premier Green Safety Range

Eagle Aluminium’s in-house thermal simulators have developed the Premier Green Safety Range. The range includes our very best performing fenestration products meeting the ever demanding constraints stipulated by local municipalities.

What to look for in energy efficient products

Fenestration is an important aspect when it comes to designing your building envelope as it has significant impact on the quality of life within the building.

With the increasing energy requirements associated with building and renovating, there is a growing demand for energy efficient glass. Building owners in general are becoming increasingly aware of the impact energy efficient glass can have on the comfort levels and energy costs of their buildings.

If your building is located in an area which has colder climates, you require glass that offers better insulation than standard clear glass. Your building’s heat escapes through the glass during colder weather, and to reduce heat loss through the fenestration, a low emissivity (Low E) glass or Insulated Glass Unit (double glazing) is recommended.

For heat loss, the lower the U-Value the better the insulation.

U-Value (think cold)

  • The measure of the rate of non-solar heat loss through fenestration. The lower the U-value of glass, the greater the fenestration resistance to heat flow, and thus the better its insulating value.

SHGC (think hot)

  • Solar Heat Gain Co-efficient, or SHGC, is a description of the fraction of solar radiation admitted through glass inducing what is absorbed and subsequently released inward. The lower the SHGC, the less solar heat the glass transmits and the greater its shading ability.

Visible Light Transmittance

  • The Visible Transmittance, or VT, measures the fraction of the visible spectrum of light. Simply put, it represents the amount of daylight that the fenestration allows to shine in.


We use Starfront Design and Costing Software

StarFront Designer is an advanced “cost and cutting” program developed for the Southern African architectural aluminium industry.

StarFront was designed and developed in South Africa and is based exclusively on the architectural extrusion systems available from Wispeco (Pty) Ltd, the Largest Aluminium Extruder in Africa.

StarFront covers the following areas of concern in your business: Design (including AAAMSA regulations), Costing, Ordering and Production (Cutting Lists)