Secura Glide Security Gates

Secura Glide
Secura Glide Security

Expanda Alu Glide

Fully Framed Aluminium Trelli Doors with Slamlock

Xpanda AluGlide

Secura Glide for Doors and Windows. 


    • Secure your home with an Eagle Secura Glide security gate manufactured from only A grade material. This security barrier is worth every penny. These Secura Glide security gates for doors and windows are arguably the best available on the market. The burglar bar design is Secura Glide style burglar bar and just as strong and reliable as the Secura Glide Security Gate.
  • Our gates come standard with multi interlocking systems
    • Protects the locks
    • Anti twist
    • Tamper proof


  • Products are available in a wide range of colours


Aluminium Security Shutters 

Interior and exterior shutters are probably the most sensible, and not to mention beautiful, window treatment choices for the South African climate. Exquisitely finished, interior shutters protect against the wind and cold and against the sun and heat in summer. Guaranteed to last a long, long time, shutters never date, and aren’t subject to decor whims or fleeting trends. Perfect in any space, from the lounge to the bedroom, shutters are elegant and luxurious and provide just the right amount of light or darkness when needed. Installing shutters throughout your home might just be one of the best investments you will ever make and shutters are guaranteed to add substantial value to any home. 

Aluminium Shutters